Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Use Paracetamol as directed in label on strip. you can consult your doctor or pharmacist about it.

This product is available in following dosage form:

Tablet (Normal): Take with water and swallow whole tablet at once.

Tablet (Disintegrating): First disintegrate whole tablet in glass of water and drink it. Make sure your hand must be dry while handling disintegrating tablet.

Tablet (Chew-able): Chew tablet throughly till it disappear in mouth. 

Tablet (Extended Release): Swallow whole tablet with water. Do not break extended release tablet while taking it.

Tablet (Effervescent): Dissolve whole tablet in glass of water and drink it.

Effervescent Granules: Dissolve one packet of granules in glass of water and drink it.

Syrup/Suspension/Solution: Take directed dose in teaspoon or tablespoon. if you need water, drink half glass of water after taking medicine. if your dosage form is suspension, you need to "SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE". if it is in syrup or solution form do not need to shake.

Powder: Dissolve powder in glass of water and drink it.

Suppository (Rectal): Put suppository into rectum. it will melt on body temperature. Clean your hand before or after handle suppository.

Capsule: Swallow whole capsule at once with water. Do not take of powder from capsule.

Intra-Venous (I.V.) Injection: This dosage form will be given by Registered Medical Practitioner only. 

There are many brands of Paracetamol available in Pharmaceutical market. Before taking paracetamol read dosing leaflet carefully. If you need to give paracetamol to the child make sure that medicine must be meant for pediatric (child) use only.

Important Note 1: Do not break tablet and use. 

Important Note 2: Do not touch capsule if your hand/s are wet.

Important Note 3: Self injection may create serious problems.


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